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27. african-american female. quiet nature. often lost in thought. ♋. infp. i like deftones/chino moreno, my bloody valentine, fka twigs, shirley manson & buffy the vampire slayer.

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[personal profile] lucridlucifel 2011-12-15 11:52 pm (UTC)(link)
You gif banner is amazing. just saying.

[personal profile] anastasiasdolls 2012-03-16 12:51 pm (UTC)(link)
i found you through the engine search. We have several things in common, is alright to add you? :)

[personal profile] anastasiasdolls 2012-03-19 03:15 pm (UTC)(link)
aww yay thank you!
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[personal profile] liver 2012-10-01 10:19 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! I'm Hunter, I found you while searching for Crystal Castles and you seem like a cool person. Our common interests include 2ne1, alice in chains, ayumi hamasaki, bjork, bob dylan, britney spears, christina aguilera, crystal castles and that's only the ABC. I would love to get to know you more! I propose friendship. :) <3
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[personal profile] gumiho 2012-11-05 09:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! I just saw you on a mutual friend's journal and after reading your profile I think we have things in common.

Do you mind if I add you? You can check out my intro post if you want.
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[personal profile] halley 2013-08-26 06:13 am (UTC)(link)
This is [personal profile] gumiho^^. I moved journals so I'm adding everyone again.
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[personal profile] 3y3 2015-10-06 09:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello, I was looking through Explore > Interests, & Deftones, is how I found you. We seem to have a few things in common so I thought, why not add you? xD
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[personal profile] 3y3 2015-11-06 04:42 pm (UTC)(link)
I have been without internet for quite sometime; it took me a few weeks to be able to check my dw. I remember commenting on your journal asking to be added, but had not granted you the access to see my own. Thank you for the add, nice to meet you :) -Ash
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[personal profile] phaea 2016-06-06 11:54 pm (UTC)(link)
i'm infp too! have you ever taken the enneagram? that's one of my favorite personality tests.